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Pain steals time, energy, focus and the ability to live life the way you want to live it. If you’re in pain, it’s time to experience the patient-focused care at The Movement. Chiropractic care should be so much more than a 5-minute crack every week, ad infinitum. Our physicians are dedicated to helping you get better, sooner, period.

We invite you to experience the individualized, patient-centered approach used by the Sports Chiropractic Physicians at The Movement.


What You Can Expect

  • Intensive Injury History interview & exam
  • Multimodal therapies
  • Wholistic, comprehensive care
  • Functional rehab
  • No unnecessary imaging or treatments
  • Being cared for like you were family

Doctors Garet Davis and Brittany Treadway are used to hearing, “You don’t do the ‘same old thing!’” as they bring peer-reviewed, evidence-based care to your chiropractic and manual medicine treatment. They create “a bridge between the M.D. and P.T.” as they treat an expansive array of strains, sports injuries, personal injuries resulting from bumps, falls and vehicular accidents, as well as pain from posture injuries.

Chiropractic and Manual Medicine

Get back to doing the things you love!


Joint manipulation aka chiropractic adjustments serve to improve movement within a restricted joint. Joint motion can become restricted for a variety of reasons, which can lead to decreased range of motion and musculoskeletal pain. If manipulation is appropriate, it can improve tissue elasticity, reduce muscle spasms, improve joint articulation, and reduce pain.

Not every person requires the same adjustment or manipulation for his or her individual condition. We pride ourselves on providing individualized care and utilizing different adjusting styles that best fits the need for each of our patients.

Functional rehabilitation is when we pair proper body biomechanics with effective muscle activation which creates pain free movement. Rehab plays a major role in our office. Research indicates that correct body movements (biomechanics) produce a quicker response to treatment. This means that we can return you to doing what you love to do even faster. Rehabilitation is incredibly important to include within any treatment plan. Rehabilitation a.k.a active care, is what will keep you moving most efficiently and pain free long after you leave your treatment session.

At The Movement, we use our knowledge of biomechanics to address any and all dysfunction. We can address cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, and agility using specific exercises and techniques tailored to each individual patient.

Dry Needling is a fairly new treatment that aims to kickstart the inflammatory process within the damaged/dysfunctional tissue. By using very small hypodermic needles and instigating a localized immunological/physiological response, we can reduce recovery times for injuries such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, strains and sprains, and more.

At The Movement, we utilize soft tissue therapy to break up fibrous adhesions and scar tissue. Such pathology can be caused by overuse injuries, poor biomechanics, and traumatic events. Addressing soft tissue dysfunction can lead to improved blood flow and better extensibility of the tissue which ALWAYS promotes a quicker recovery. We do this by use of methods such as myofascial release technique or through instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization such as Graston the FAKTR technique.

A whole host of extremity injuries have walked through our doors. We have treated anything from rotator cuffs to the big toe. It is important to treat musculoskeletal injuries conservatively if possible, but also include a surgeons evaluation if warranted. At The Movement, we work with other physicians to ensure the best care possible. We will perform specific orthopedic tests and neurological test to diagnose the injury. If conservative care is appropriate, we will use treatments such as soft tissue therapies, joint manipulation, physiotherapy modalities, and kinesiology tape to get you feeling better.

At The Movement, we believe in preventing injury and disease. Our healthcare system today focuses on fighting disease and pathology after it has taken its toll. We can better prevent issues from arising by empowering you with advice on nutrition, exercise, and daily habits, which can have a profound impact on your life and health.

Unfortunately, accidents are all too common. Many of the musculoskeletal injuries that are caused by motor vehicle accidents typically respond well to conservative care. At The Movement, we put you through a thorough physical exam checking for abnormalities that would have resulted from the accident. Once we determine the injuries and diagnoses, we can proceed with a pro-active treatment plan. Most treatment plans include passive care at first, which reduces pain with improvement in function. We then transition into active care and rehabilitation to get the patient back to pre-injured state.

meet the team

Dr. Garet Davis

Dr. Davis earned his doctorate and met his future wife, Dr. Brittany Treadway, at Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Davis is a Board-Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician and serves as Part-Time faculty at Crafton Hills College teaching Anatomy & Physiology I & II. As an educator, Dr. Davis communicates well with his patients to ensure they are informed on their care, and up-to-date with current treatments and rehab options. He grew up playing a variety of sports, including hockey, soccer, cross country and football, and currently enjoys training for different races with his wife, Dr. Treadway.

Dr. Brittany Treadway

Dr. Treadway has always had a passion for helping people find ways to improve wellness. She started as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor while attending school, and eventually got into rehabilitating spinal cord injuries. She has an athletic background in gymnastics, collegiate cheerleading, weightlifting and running. Dr. T loves the strategy of tackling everyday injuries as if they were sports injuries, and uses exercises to improve her patients’ outcomes. She is also a Board-Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician, and employs research and problem-solving skills to get her patients pain-free and back to what they love to do.

what others are saying

Dr. Davis is awesome! I had stiffness in my neck, shoulders and constant headaches for months. Headaches were gone after just a couple of visits. I highly recommend him If you are suffering from any type of pain . Great staff too!
Morgan L
Dr. Garrett is the BEST!!! It did all of my physical therapy with me after my knee surgery. He is a wealth of knowledge. Always breaking down how/why something was happen in terms I could understand. Highly recommend!!!
Kirk P
I have been receiving chiropractic care for years and have never had such a great experience as I had at The Movement! Dr. Davis took the time to talk to me about my concerns, offer suggestions and exercises to help. In addition to my adjustment, he also did some stretches, trigger point therapy and a cool massage technique that has really seemed to help. I would definitely recommend this practice.
Rachel B
Dr. Treadway is by far my favorite chiropractor I have ever seen. I always felt better after leaving her office. She is super kind and welcoming. I have done scraping, cupping and adjustments with her. In addition, I have also brought my child to her. I originally thought I needed a foot doctor for my child. I ended mentioning it to Dr. Treadway and she told me she can treat my son. I brought him in and it was exactly what he needed. When I seen her, the hours of this place were perfect. I never had to miss work to make it to an appointment.
Britney A
These two wonderful people are a blessing that can crack you, bend you, twist you, and pull you. Referred to them from the VA system, I was a skeptic, nothing from the VA can be good right? Wrong. Dr. Davis and Dr. Treadway are both amazing masters of their craft. Great for routine, regular care and adjustments. They will even give you homework in the form of stretches or movements so you can help yourself. . . But if you don't do them Dr. Tredway will know, and she will let you know she knows in the best way. Can not say enough positive things about these two.
Nico D
I was fortunate to find such a patient-centric facility in 2021. I went for my first visit expecting to get the typical alignment, and neck crack. To my delight, The Movement Docs were no ordinary chiropractic care facility! At my initial assessment appointment, I felt the care, the concern, and the professionalism. I left with a clear path and plan towards wellness! At every visit it was clear that my wellness was their top priority.
Derrick H
Best chiropractic care I have ever had. The knowledge and time they take to listen and get to the bottom of the problem is excellent. They also help guide you to continue to make your body better with exercises and encouragement. These two Drs are outstanding at what they do.
Slade S

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