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Chiropractic Adjustments

Joint manipulation aka chiropractic adjustments serve to improve movement within a restricted joint. Joint motion can become restricted for a variety of reasons, which can lead to decreased range of motion and musculoskeletal pain. If manipulation is appropriate, it can improve tissue elasticity, reduce muscle spasms, improve joint articulation, and reduce pain.

Not every person requires the same adjustment or manipulation for his or her individual condition. We pride ourselves on providing individualized care and utilizing different adjusting styles that best fits the need for each of our patients.

Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is when we pair proper body biomechanics with effective muscle activation which creates pain free movement. Rehab plays a major role in our office. Research indicates that correct body movements (biomechanics) produce a quicker response to treatment. This means that we can return you to doing what you love to do even faster. Rehabilitation is incredibly important to include within any treatment plan. Rehabilitation a.k.a active care, is what will keep you moving most efficiently and pain free long after you leave your treatment session.

Athletic Performance

At The Movement, we use our knowledge of biomechanics to address any and all dysfunction. We can address cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, and agility using specific exercises and techniques tailored to each individual patient.

Nutritional Evaluations

Nutrition is an important aspect of everyone’s health that is not always addressed. There are thousands of processes at work in your body at this very moment, keeping you alive. Those processes are carried out by cells and tissues that demand certain fuel requirements in return for their work. The Standard American Diet, is regularly proven in literature to lack important aspects of nutrition and increase the risk for overall mortality via disease and obesity. Nutrition plays a very important role in injury recovery, sports performance, and overall energy.

Soft Tissue Therapy

At The Movement, we utilize soft tissue therapy to break up fibrous adhesions and scar tissue. Such pathology can be caused by overuse injuries, poor biomechanics, and traumatic events. Addressing soft tissue dysfunction can lead to improved blood flow and better extensibility of the tissue which ALWAYS promotes a quicker recovery. We do this by use of methods such as myofascial release technique or through instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization such as Graston the FAKTR technique.

Extremity Injuries

A whole host of extremity injuries have walked through our doors. We have treated anything from rotator cuffs to the big toe. It is important to treat musculoskeletal injuries conservatively if possible, but also include a surgeons evaluation if warranted. At The Movement, we work with other physicians to ensure the best care possible. We will perform specific orthopedic tests and neurological test to diagnose the injury. If conservative care is appropriate, we will use treatments such as soft tissue therapies, joint manipulation, physiotherapy modalities, and kinesiology tape to get you feeling better.

Injury Prevention

At The Movement, we believe in preventing injury and disease. Our healthcare system today focuses on fighting disease and pathology after it has taken its toll. We can better prevent issues from arising by empowering you with advice on nutrition, exercise, and daily habits, which can have a profound impact on your life and health.

Personal Injury

Unfortunately, accidents are all too common. Many of the musculoskeletal injuries that are caused by motor vehicle accidents typically respond well to conservative care. At The Movement, we put you through a thorough physical exam checking for abnormalities that would have resulted from the accident. Once we determine the injuries and diagnoses, we can proceed with a pro-active treatment plan. Most treatment plans include passive care at first, which reduces pain with improvement in function. We then transition into active care and rehabilitation to get the patient back to pre-injured state.

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